Standard Price List

Total price of photography service will be Fee(Labor) plus Costs(Materials).

Fee (Labor)


$290.00/8x10 inch large format positive transparency

$90.00/4x5 inch large format positve transparency
$44.00/6x7 or 6x9cm medium format positive transparency
$25.00/35mm slide
Negative to positive conversion process surcharge: $50.00

Print (High quality silver halide color print):
$15.00/up to half letter size (2nd print $10.00)
$25.00/letter size or 8x10 inch (2nd print $15.00), contact sheet

Album, Dry Mount, Frame, etc.:
Actual cost plus 50% mark-up will be charged

Shipping & Handling:
Actual shipping cost and materials plus 50% mark-up will be charged

Other Expenses


All prices are subject to sales tax.